Top Five Independent Film Quotes

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

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  1. “God loves you just the way you are. But He loves you too much to let you stay that way” Ashley – Junebug

2.      “Adam, his mother, and his father were a family of talking raccoons that lived in the middle of New York City. They didn’t really belong there, but there they were.” Beth Buchwald – Adam

3. “There’s not a lot that I am good at. But I’m good at getting guys to want me. Not date me, or marry me, but want me. “Rose Lorkowski – Sunshine Cleaning

4. “I’ve always wanted to have a phone call with somebody who doesn’t talk.” Oliver – Beginners

 5. “Tell me Driss, why do you think people are interested in art?” Phillipe – Untouchable


One To Watch – Maxine Peake

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

Maxine Peake – this is an actor who has a broad range, an actor who is not afraid to push herself for the roles she wants. She is perhaps best known for her role as as Twinkle in Victoria Wood’s dinnerladies and as legal eagle Martha Costello in the BBC drama series, Silk, 

Maxine Peake was born in Bolton, Manchester in 1974. Peake’s interest in Drama began when she started at Bolton Octagon Youth Theatre, she was rejected for three years from Manchester Polytechnic Theatre School and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. However, at 21 she obtained a place at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Her television career began when she was cast in Channel 4’s Shameless and in Victoria Wood’s situation comedy, dinnerladies. From 2006 onwards, Peake was at the heart of many dramas on TV, from playing Myra Hindley in See No Evil: The Moors Murders, to playing Miss Wade in Little Dorrit. 

But her breakthrough roles were in Criminal Justice, where she recieved rave reviews and was able to show her emotional range, in this lavish BBC drama.

You can next see her in the Second Episode of Room At The Top

And in the eagerly anticipated film adaptation of Private Peaceful.

This is an actor one should always watch, with a broad range and who gives gutsy, all out performances, which is probably why she has a legion of fans.

One To Watch – Anna Maxwell Martin

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

Anna Maxwell Martin, you may have heard of this name, she is an actor who is frequently in ground breaking dramas, such as Accused and Poppy Shakespeare.

Born in Beverley, near Hull in Yorkshire, she was in school plays and clearly had a talent for acting. She studied History at Liverpool University, and then went on to study at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.


Her first job was as London’s acclaimed National Theatre in a stage adaptation of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials as Lyra. She then went on to start her television career, starring in Doctor Who. 

Maxwell Martin is perhaps best known for her role as Esther in the BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel, A Bleak House. Which started her silver screen career.

She was then cast in 2007 in Becoming Jane, alongside Anne Hathway (Princess Diaries) and James McAvoy (Atonement).

From 2008 onwards, Maxwell Martin was frequently on our screens, starring in Poppy Shakespeare, Freefall, South Riding, The Night Watch. And, most recently she starred as Susan in The Bletchley Circle. 

This is an actor who has a great range and is not afraid to show it. Anna Maxwell Martin is one to watch, make sure you do.