20,000 Hits

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

And so, dear reader, The Rabbit Film Section has reached a landmark in its lifetime. We have reached 20,000 hits on the Blog. Which is a huge achievement.

This would not have been possible without YOU, our readers, who are always revisting the site. What is more, The Rabbit Film Section has a team of writers, who are all students at the University of Essex, some studying film, most not.

But what is most important is that they have a passion about film, that wonderful medium which you can watch alone, or with a group of friends.

The Rabbit and The Rabbit Film Section has undergone many changes, whether it is a subtle name change, a new Rabbit logo and a new theme for the Blog. We do this for you, so that the reading experience is so much better.


So, when The Rabbit Film blog was started a year ago (remember the old logo above), by your very own Editor of the Rabbit this year, Greg Bailey, little did he know that the Blog would reach such a landmark. So, thank you, for constantly coming back to us, we have many new exclusive interviews, reviews and articles which will be winging their way to you soon.

Watch this space…..

Theme for Issue: Studio Ghibli

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

The next theme for the Third Issue of your Student newspaper, The Rabbit is Studio Ghibli

With the world of animation dominated by DreamWorks and Disney – we thought that we would visit an Animated Studio Company which is highly successful, but perhaps not as appreciated as the American animated studios.

Watch this space for content on Studio Ghibli….


Lakeside Theatre

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

Something momentous has happened, The Rabbit Film Section, The Rabbit Arts and The Rabbit newspaper have teamed up together to write about your theatre on campus.

We will be bringing you exclusive interviews with actors, directors and those behind the shows which you will see for student prices at The Lakeside Theatre.

You will be able to get content from The Rabbit Arts WordPress Blog which will be launched on the 31st October 2012. Your very own Film Editor is now Deputy Arts Editor so will be bringing you all the latest goings on from your campus theatre.

Watch this space….