Words From The Editor

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

We have to realise what we are and what we may well become. Students studying at University, not all of us are lazy, not all of us go out every night. Sometimes we are misunderstood, we work hard, and often we use University as a stepping stone to the start of our adult lives.

Of course, the Arts is a way in which we can perform to our expectations and perform for others.

The main thing to remember, is to always remain true to who you are. Absolute honesty can take us very far, in life and in our view of ourselves as human beings.

There is no link to film in this post, because, this is about reality not about something displayed on the big screen.

Remain true to who you are and all of your dreams may come true.


Secret Cinema Opportunity

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

Sometimes life hands us opportunities, sometimes we have to fight for them. But, in most cases, these opportunities are fantastic and something which will continue to do.

Well, The Rabbit Film Section has been contacted by a dear friend about the possibility of students taking part in a brilliant cinema opportunity.

Check out the information below;

Become a Secret Student!

 The Opportunity:

Become a “Secret Student” and Train/Perform in the upcoming Secret Cinema production.

Limited spaces available so be quick!

The Structure of the program:

  • 1 day workshop and bite size training in site specific, interactive and immersive performance.
  • Rehearsal/preparation for performance.
  • Introduction to the cast, crew and directors of the current Secret Cinema Production.
  • Performances as a supporting artist within the production.
  • Observation and constructive feedback on your performance, with the aim of developing your own style of performance within this genre.

What do you get?

  • £10 travel expenses for each day.
  • On site training/development in interactive performance.
  • Canteen dinner.
  • Beer.


  • The first day of each week will be a training day.
  • You would need to be available for a one week session (if you are unable to commit to 100% of the dates then there can be some flexibility), however you can apply to do more than 1 week should you choose.

Week 1

Wednesday 31st October- 10am.

Thursday 1st November- 4pm.

Friday 2nd November- 4pm.

Saturday 3rd November- 10am.

Sunday 4th November- 10am

 Week 2

Tuesday 6th November- 10am.

Thursday 8th November- 4pm.

Friday 9th November- 4pm.

Saturday 10th November- 10am.

Sunday 11th November- 10am.

 Week 3

Thursday 15th November- 10am.

Friday 16th November- 4pm.

Saturday 17th November- 10am.

Sunday 18th November- 10am.

Week 4

Thursday 22nd November- 10am.

Friday 23rd November- 4pm.

Saturday- 10am.


 Week 5

Thursday 29th November- 10am.

Friday 30th November- 4pm.

Saturday 1st December- 10am.

Sunday 2nd December- 10am.

How to get involved?

For further information or to apply please send an email to jessica.rose@futurecinema.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you, and remember, “tell no one”.

Cycle Cine


Words by Naomi Jeffreys

What is it? 

For the Opening Night for the Arthouse Film Society’s Five days of bicycle powered cinema  CYCLE CINE they are screening David Lynch’s ‘Wild At Heart’

Where can I find it? 

The event is outdoors and is being screened in the Ampitheatre and can be found if you go down one flight of stairs from the SU Bar – but don’t worry if you can’t find it, there are lots of signs!

How much will it cost? 

It’s free! So if you love film and live music, head down to the Ampitheatre to view this wonderful film.

What will I need? 

As the event is outdoors, you will need to bring blankets or quilts and wrap up warm! As you will be viewing the film outside.

Why should I go? 

If you love Arthouse cinema and students who have spent many tireless hours planning this mammoth event and who are providing free food and popcorn – it is a must see event! Make sure YOU are there.

Essential Information. 

The Event starts at 6:30 and can be found in the Ampitheatre, there is lots of signage so don’t worry about not finding it! It is a unique and wonderful way to view films, from students who are passionate about cycle powered cinema! Wrap up warm!