Light The Night


Words by Naomi Jeffreys

2012 is nearing its end and New Years Eve is on its way – it is around this time in which we human beings take time to reflect on the year which we have had.

So, what has this Blog achieved? One hell of a lot, we are really keen to get as many exclusive interviews with those who are in the business. This year, your Editor has been fortunate enough to interview, Lucy Rose, Hattie Morahan, Tom Bacon, Ben Rider, Brian Neufang, to just name a few.

We have surpassed our own expectations, we have a dedicated team of writers who are keen to inform you, the reader, about the latest films and those films which you have forgotten. But, which are still integral to Film itself.

We have had a record number of hits, since our inception one year ago. And, that’s thanks to you. The Reader who keeps on returning to our humble student newspaper wordpress blog. We strive to update daily, with interesting articles, and to get across to you, our sincere respect and love for the medium that is Film.

2012 has seen London host the Olympics, British Olympians and Paralympians excel at their sport, it has seen Danny Boyle give an Ode to our Isles in the Olympic Opening Ceremony. It has seen Bradley Wiggins win the Tour de France, he has also won the Sports Personality of the Year and has now been offered the possibility of a Knightship.

Yes, it has been one hell of year. Especially for The Rabbit Film Section. We hope to have you return our way in 2013, for all the exclusives, and a glimpse at the world from students who just love Film.

“We go high by the river high above the world, Night lights flicker on the streets below.”

“Just like a dream of a shooting star”

Happy New Year

Words From The Editor

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

We have to realise what we are and what we may well become. Students studying at University, not all of us are lazy, not all of us go out every night. Sometimes we are misunderstood, we work hard, and often we use University as a stepping stone to the start of our adult lives.

Of course, the Arts is a way in which we can perform to our expectations and perform for others.

The main thing to remember, is to always remain true to who you are. Absolute honesty can take us very far, in life and in our view of ourselves as human beings.

There is no link to film in this post, because, this is about reality not about something displayed on the big screen.

Remain true to who you are and all of your dreams may come true.


Words From The Editor

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

“And you’re listening to that song and that drive with the people you love most in this world. And in this moment I swear, we are infinite.” The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Happenstance means that I have recently been a regular at the Odeon. Is it because of the salty popcorn? The sugary sweets? Or is it because of the brilliant films which have recently been shown? Although I would like to say the former, it is the latter.

2012 is a fantastic year for Film, whether it is cinema which is showcasing British talent, ‘My Brother the Devil’, or a big budget film such as ‘Skyfall’, or even animation from across the Pond which is pushing boundaries once again in ‘Paranorman’.

The medium of film has changed and developed throughout time. Including the way we view it, with modern society as it is nowadays, with tablets, smart phones and laptops, it couldn’t be easier to view our favourite films at the touch of a button.

But, there is something quite exciting and quite rare nowadays to go to the movies. It can feel like such a treat, perhaps because of the high prices, or because there is something fun about being plunged in to darkness, with a room full of strangers, eating salty food and sweets. Often with friends, or loved ones. What better way to experience a film?

So, this week we are dealing with films which are current, of the now, of the moment. The Rabbit Film Section will be serving you what is hot right now in your local cinema. So, if you agree with our team of writers, or even if you disagree. Then get down to your local cinema and enjoy being in the cinema. Take a break from essays and reading, stats and calculations. Just enjoy the film.

I would like to thank The Rabbit Film Section’s dedicated team of writers, who’s enthusiasm never fails, dedication never wavers and who always ensure that the section is chock full of interesting content. So thank you, keep up the good work.