Trouble With the Curve


Words by Naomi Jeffreys

Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood star in a film about love, life and family.

So, the reviews are in for Robert Lorenz’s ‘Trouble With the Curve’, which follows according to IMDB: ‘an ailing  baseball scout [Eastwood] in his twilight years takes his daughter [Adams] on one last recruiting trip’

Have a look at what the critics around the world had to say about this film:

Robert Collin of London’s The Daily Telegraph said: 


“The trouble with Trouble with the Curve is that it contains no curves and precious little trouble.”

David Edward of the Scottish Daily Record said:


“Eastwood’s character lurches from sentimentality to outright cruelty, Adams lacks the steel to bring her character to life and the finale is horribly contrived.”

Paul Whitington of the Irish Independent said: 

“Adams, it has to be said, is very good in a role that might have remained one dimensional in less skilled hands, but battles alone against a rising tide of mawkishness and lame jokes.”

Peter Bradshaw of the London The Guardian said: 


“But it’s sentimental and glutinous, and the ending is almost surreal in its contrivance and unbelievability.”

What do you think? Will you be heading down to your local cinema to see this film?


*note, these reviews are from the writers own honest opinion and are not based on fact

Review: In Time

Words by Bianca Castro

Written and directed by Andrew Niccol. In Time is set somewhere in the new future where time is the currency. People stop ageing at 25 and their own countdown, in the shape of a green digital watch embedded into their forearm, begins. They have only a year to live. Time is the way to pay for everything and the way you are paid, meaning that the rich can live forever and those that are not born into ‘time’ must try to negotiate, bargain, steal and work just to live that one day longer.

The concept is brilliant, and although it has been done in different ways before, it is a theme very much relevant today. Will Salas played by Justin Timberlake is accused of the murder of a wealthy but mysterious man. To make matters worse Will decides to go on the run from the ‘time keepers’ and takes a hostage in the form of the beautiful Sylvia Weis played by Amanda Seyfried. The film is full of action, as you’d expect from an action film, and a lot of running which is understandable when you don’t have much time and you’re running from the enemy. It’s a brilliant film, a little predictable, but an exciting watch nonetheless. The questions about the differences between social classes and the rich and poor are posed, but not answered giving food for thought long after the credits have finished rolling.

Review: Friends with Benefits

Words by Greg Bailey

So another film about a girl and guy just in it for the sex called No Strings With Benefits…or is it Friends Attached? It’s something along those lines. No it’s not a sequel haemorrhaging from Hollywood’s creatively retarded studios, just plain old unoriginality. Cue the good looking safe star leads, Timberlake as a GQ Editor and Kunis as a Head-hunter. Two very talented and capable individuals who’s recent titles include The Social Network, and The Black Swan. Throw in the Director of Easy A and this sounds like it could be good…right? Wrong. Though at the beginning there are a few laughs from a semi decent script and spot on comical timings the second half is a train wreck of clichés and stereotypes with a predicable finale that would make a bag of kittens puke. One saving grace is the hugely funny Woody Harrelson as Timberlake’s GQ college. Though the Leads try their best with what they had to work with their charm alone doesn’t carry this film. This is No Strings Attached 2, if you have seen the first one you have definitely seen this one.