Words From The Editor

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

We have to realise what we are and what we may well become. Students studying at University, not all of us are lazy, not all of us go out every night. Sometimes we are misunderstood, we work hard, and often we use University as a stepping stone to the start of our adult lives.

Of course, the Arts is a way in which we can perform to our expectations and perform for others.

The main thing to remember, is to always remain true to who you are. Absolute honesty can take us very far, in life and in our view of ourselves as human beings.

There is no link to film in this post, because, this is about reality not about something displayed on the big screen.

Remain true to who you are and all of your dreams may come true.


Beasts of the Southern Wild Review

Words by Yazen Al Samen

‘Beasts Of The Southern Wild’ is a feast. It has so much to absorb, understand and wonder. It creates a world so magical that you wouldn’t believe a place like that exists.

It stars Quvenzhane Wallis, a 6-year old, playing 6-year old Hushpuppy, in surely one of the best performances of the year. Hushpuppy lives with her father in a Louisiana Bayou with their little community, away from civilization.

Her mother “swam away” when she was born and Hushpuppy grows in the middle of nature, with the animals, and she believes the animals talk to her. She notices sea levels rising, and one day, a Katrina-like hurricane hits their community, and destroys it, while also releasing something that might be a bit more sinister.

Protocol means I can write little more in this review. But maybe that’s for the better. It does little to describe the film. It contains so much; it is an allegory of many things and has an environmental message.

Benh Zeitlin, first time director, has created a delicacy within the world of cinema, a film so awash with originality, with vibrant characters and provocative themes. This is one of the best film of the year. Ensure you see it.

Retro Films

Words by Oliver Morris

There has been a trend recently in retro chic films. Some aimed at teens but most aimed at kids. Examples such as ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’, ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ and ‘Paranorman’ are amongst these new films that are glorifying retro gaming, old horror films, and generally being kick ass and cool. But why is there suddenly this rash of films that appeal to the nostalgic hipster in me?

Lets move from this and think about something else: The Nintendo Entertainment System, one of the first home gaming consoles ever released, is turning 25 next year! Imagine that! All those kids who originally jumped about with Mario, saving princesses and whatnot, must all be about 30 and over by now. They’ve probably gone to college, or started working in IT. They’ve all probably found significant others, steady Jobs. Heck some of ‘em will have kids.

And now these kids need to be entertained. They need feeding and nourishment and Disney films to watch and funny animated films. But If these old NES gamers are going to have to watch some Disney film, It might as well be one they’re going to sit through.

Suddenly, all these old gamers have become a DEMO! They’ve gone legit, stopped downloading stuff from LimeWire and have money to burn on their kids. Let’s do films which pastiche old horror films!

The actual demographic it’s aimed at won’t understand a thing but their parents will laugh. And what about a whole film that based of old games like PacMan and Arcade games. Bright colours for the kids and a nostalgia trip for their dads.
Congratulations, Retro Gamers. You’re a commodity now.