Man of Steel


Despite lavish sets, big budget fight scenes and an all star cast, director Zack Snyder fails to hit the right note with his audience. 

You can tell that director/producer Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins) has had some influence on this film, instead of a fully formed Superman, all capes and red pants over his suit, we are given a much darker story of the much beloved Superhero.

The idea, in theory, should work, but, the plotline, the story, is lost amongst a sea of lavish (and long) fight scenes, Snyder has too many flashbacks inserted at the wrong moments, the wrong memories are shown at the most climactic part of the film.

It is because of this weakness in the script, (the screenplay was written by David S. Goyer, who penned, funnily enough, Batman Begins) that we lose the characters. Amy Adams’ Pulitzer Prize Winning Lois Lane is barely in it and has little chance to shine.

Henry Cavill is perhaps the films only saving grace, with his charming good looks, (I’d like to add that he is British born), his emotional range and physical presence gives the film some of the heart that is so loses with the over long fight sequences.

Man of Steel has been a commercial success and has soared at the international box office, reaching a massive $89 million so far.

And with a follow up film in the works, it appears as if Superman will be flying on our screens once more.

Naomi Jeffreys, The Rabbit and Reel

Man of Steel – Official Trailer 3

The newest trailer for the highly anticipated ‘Man of Steel’, this trailer shows a little more of Clark Kent’s journey, his parents (played by Russell Crowe) and Amy Adams as Lois Lane makes a brief appearence near the end of the trailer.

One of the most anticipated films of the Summer.

It is out in cinemas on June 14th.

Naomi Jeffreys, Film Editor

The Oscars, Analysed, Best Supporting Actress

Oscars2013-620x350We’re getting a bit closer to the bigger categories here, now is the turn of Actress in a Supporting Role:

The Nominees:  Jackie Weaver  ‘Silver Linings Playbook’;  Helen Hunt  ‘The Sessions’;  Amy Adams  ‘The Master’;  Anne Hathaway  ‘Les Miserables’  and  Sally Field  ‘Lincoln’.

OK, this category contains a decent set of nominees. To be fair, there wasn’t plenty of competition, and out of all the acting categories, it is probably the weakest.  The likes of Judi Dench for ‘Skyfall’, Maggie Smith for ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ and Shirley Maclaine for ‘Bernie’ all took a claim, but the final list more or less made sense.

One performance, however, stood out for me as having been snubbed by all of the awards bodies, so maybe it’s just me, and that is Doona Bae’s performance as Sonmi-451 in ‘Cloud Atlas’. Her bit was the best in ‘Cloud Atlas’ in my opinion and her performance was haunting.


Who Should Win: Sally Field  ‘Lincoln’. I’m really hoping Sally Field gets her third Oscar here, her performance in ‘Lincoln’ was near perfect, to exude that pain and near madness that pain brings yet still having to put on a face and stand by her husband, which is what Mary Todd Lincoln had to go through, was very moving. Her exchanges with Daniel Day Lewis are fascinating, and for me Sally Field has immortalized the image of Mary Todd Lincoln as much as Day Lewis has done for Honest Abe.


Who Will Win: Anne Hathaway  ‘Les Miserables’. And, ladies and gentlemen, here we have the most overrated performance in recent memory. I’m a fan of Hathaway, She’s a terrific actress, but her role here is so reduced and revolves around that one brilliant song, and it isn’t really that awesome. I’m pretty much sure Hathaway will win, and I still don’t know why.

Yazen Al Samen