Lakeside Theatre

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

Something momentous has happened, The Rabbit Film Section, The Rabbit Arts and The Rabbit newspaper have teamed up together to write about your theatre on campus.

We will be bringing you exclusive interviews with actors, directors and those behind the shows which you will see for student prices at The Lakeside Theatre.

You will be able to get content from The Rabbit Arts WordPress Blog which will be launched on the 31st October 2012. Your very own Film Editor is now Deputy Arts Editor so will be bringing you all the latest goings on from your campus theatre.

Watch this space….

The Rabbit Film Section – What To Expect This Year


Words by Naomi Jeffreys

So, what can you expect from The Rabbit Film Section this year?

This year, we aim to get as many exclusive interviews from actors, producers, screenwriters and directors, all for you.

You can expect an exclusive interview with an actor who is forging her silver screen career in an upcoming period drama adaptation — but we won’t say who it is yet, you’ll just have to keep coming back to us to see who it is!

We also have an interview with an American producer in an Independent film, which is going to be posted very soon.

The Rabbit Film is passionate about all things film and by extension, music and theatre,. Anything which challenges us as a reader or an audience member.

But what we need is YOU, to keep coming back to us, because we write for you, the reader.  So keep reading, keep watching, listening films.

-Naomi Jeffreys, Editor of Film Section, The Rabbit, University of Essex

Lucy Rose – An Exclusive Interview

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

There is always a crossover between genres, film and theatre, music and art. Without music, film would be a completely different medium. The Rabbit Film was fortunate enough to grab a few words with the wonderful Lucy Rose.

Lucy Rose, this is an artist who is making waves in the music world. Wonderfully British, down to earth, and incredible live, this is a singer-songwriter who has a lot going for her. Her music has interesting rhythms, acoustic strumming and a fairytale quality to her music; Lucy Rose is one to watch.

Born in Warwickshire in 1989, after finishing school aged eighteen, she moved to London to pursue her music career. After lots of hard graft, of gigging in pubs and bars around London, she became friends with the Bombay Bicycle Club boys and featured vocals on their album, Flaws and A Different Kind of Fix.

Since then, she has released singles and EPs including, Middle of the Bed, Scar, Red Face and most recently, Bikes. Which always include great remixes and often, live performances.

Check out my exclusive interview with Lucy Rose below:  

When did you know you wanted to pursue Music as a career? 
I really enjoyed playing music at school, but never thought I would try it as a career until I first bought my guitar at 15 and started to write songs. It was only after I’d got into song-writing that I thought maybe I could try going into music.

What advice do you have for University of Essex students who are considering a career in music?
I’m not sure if I have any good advice that you haven’t heard before, but I really do think it’s all about the songs, so keep writing.

How important is your fan base to you?
My fan base is the only reason I’m still doing this really. Without them supporting me over the last 5 years, I would have never continued.

Are you still in touch with the Bombay Bicycle Club lads?
Of course, they have become my best friends over the last 3 years.

Could you explain your music in 5 words?
Cinematic, thought-provoking, acoustic, funk.

You write all of your own music, where do you draw inspiration from?
Everywhere but nearly all of my songs are just about how I was feeling at a particular time. Books and films definitely make me feel something as well.
Who are your musical influences?
I have such a wide variety of musical influences, Neil Young was a influence when I started to record the album alongside, Joni Mitchell, Joan Armatrading, Rolling Stones and plenty more.

What is the advice you live by?
Mind over matter, as much as possible.

Like I Used To is released on 24th September, be sure to listen to it!