Summer Releases Part 6

If there is one good thing about the this summer’s film season it is definitely variety, this summer we are clearly spoiled for choice with the huge array of cinematic productions set to hit our local theatres. I had previously mentioned that I believed 2011 was going to be the “ugly friend” of 2012. Meaning the movies last year (but a few) were so bad that by comparison those produced this year would seem incredible. This effect has been evident by some of the releases earlier this year being received more kindly than they should have been. But it looks as though the big studios were just timing their best for the sunny months of 2012 which brings us to the sixth installment of what to expect this summer.

Summer Releases Part 6


This is the new Ridley Scott film which looks amazing, gripping and exciting. The talent of the cast on paper seems epic. I hope this will be a smash. Ridley has been associated with some of the finest films that have graced our screens and I hope his direction has led this film to the level greatness we know he is capable of.

That’s My Boy

Adam Sandler is in it, that’s reason enough not to see it. If you want another reason he talks with an annoying voice the whole way through the film. If you need another reason, it’s because he is not f***ing funny anymore.

Cabin in the Woods

This film looks like it has a great cast and action sequences which hopefully proves to be an exciting and entertaining film. Joss Whedon who also penned The Avengers and writer/director Drew Goddard team up to produce this thrilling story about five unlucky teenagers. Chris Hemsworth, Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford star in this mind blowing horror, if you think you know this story then think again.

You can expect multiple layers which will unravel to a huge climax. This will be exhilarating ride into all things terrible that uses all weapons available in the horror arsenal, which will hit out on all fronts.

The Three Stooges

While trying to save their orphanage Moe, Larry and Curly inadvertently stumble on to a murder plot and wind up on a reality TV show. From the trailer it looks like the stooges have truly had the 2012 treatment.

The Farrelly Brothers seemed to have put a lot of love into this film and stayed as true to the original as possible. This is classic slap stick and fart humour, and according to fans of the original series it is done well. Personally I don’t think they could ever match up to the original but it seems they have made a good attempt at bringing The Three Stooges into the modern times.


Summer Releases Part 5


In this update there are musicals, dancing based cinema, fairy tales and a Johnny Depp as a vampire! It almost sounds like the listings of children’s morning television but bear with me. Believe it or not three of these films have amazing casts that on paper would appear like a definite smash but life as we know is not so simple. I predict three of these films will do well in terms of box office success and one out of that three will actually be of any good. Take a look and judge for yourself.


Summer Releases Part 5

Rock of Ages

This is an 80s pop metal mash up of Glee and High School Musical. Prepare yourself for a HUGE fromage fest. As far as musicals go don’t expect anything like Grease, but not from the want of trying.


The only thing it has going for them it that it has an epic cast. But that doesn’t stop it being a bit of an insult to real rock and roll movies.


Step Up Revolution

So a group of very talented dancers stage random flash mob performances to say ‘we are here’. Right okay then. It is basically one massive dance video, it’s a shame the plot and the acting don’t measure up against the dance skills.


The basic story is these guys use dance to protest a rich tycoon buying up property ‘taking our jobs’ and taking ‘our way of life’ rubbish. Because we all know that if you want to stop a multimillionaire buying up land and developing it and making billions…you dance for him.


Snow White and the Huntsman

A very interesting take in the fairy tale front which seem to be very popular at this moment in time. This looks like it could be the best adaptation so far with Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and pale face from twilight.


Visually stunning and full of action, though maybe a bit predictable it looks like it will be very entertaining. A fitting epic for this summer.


Dark Shadows

Jonny Depp along with an amazing cast take on this Tim Burton Munsters meets Brady Bunch story. Kind of proof Burton’s ego out stripped his talent years ago.


Predictable ‘from a different time’ jokes, and even though I very much like Depp I am not convinced with his character, he just looks like he’s in a Halloween costume trying to sound posh.

Summer Releases Part 4

After the last installment I thought it was a good idea to to re-instill some cinematic faith by featuring a batch titles with a few that are definitely going to make an impression for all the right reasons. Its back to the action flicks: sequels are the name of the game with a  couple of wild cards to keep things interesting. Superheros, super-villains, tough guys, vampires, spies, gunfights, mixed martial arts, a  giant lizard man and five year old with a handgun. Film makers you have our attention.

Summer Releases Part 4


Statham plays an agent out to rescue a kidnapped girl. Not the most original story conceived but Statham’s films are not known for their highly developed in depth plot lines.

(either New York is way more dangerous then I ever realised or Statham is just taking the easy cases.)

Judging by the trailer the movie consists of Jason exchanging bullets, hand to hand combat and ‘witty one liners’, the usual it is then.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire hunter

The 16th president slaughtering the spawn of Nosferatu. Judging by the trailer it doesn’t look to bad, even though it involves Tim Burton who has clearly been more miss than hit recently.

As long as it doesn’t take itself too seriously I think this film will be quite entertaining.

The Bourne Legacy

Jeremy Renner (The Town) one of my favourite actors at the moment plays the super-agent in the continuation of the series. I am a fan of the Bourne stories so I will be very interested to see the angle they pursue.

I hope it’s not just a repeat with a fresh face of talent. The cast look good and from what I can see from the trailer, the film makers have kept the feel and style of the previous instalments. Expect clever twists, breathtaking action sequences, amazing locations and a top notch performance from the star saturated cast.


The Dark Knight Rises

Words cannot do this film justice.

It will be EPIC.


The Amazing Spiderman

It doesn’t seem that long since Toby Maguire was web slinging all over New York but five years have passed and judging by the trailer this new version will be well received.

It has been said the cast and crew have distanced themselves to make sure they resemble nothing to Sam Rami’s interpretation, and after Spiderman 3 can you blame them? Expect more grit, action and excitement.