Superb Soundtracks

Soundtracks are such an important element in films, they are, in essence, another character. Here are a few of my own personal favourite composers, Hans Zimmer (Man of Steel), Thomas Newman (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and Harry Gregson Williams (Total Recall)

Due to the financial and the fan reaction to the latest Superman adventure, I thought it would be good to react upon the impact of a truly good soundtrack on any film.


Hans Zimmer, born in 1957 in Germany, has had a truly successful career, he is the man behind the music, quite literally. Zimmer’s first big break in the movies, was his composition in the successful Rain Man (1988).

Since then, he has composed his virtuoso, brave and brilliant music for films such as:

The Dark Knight  (2008)

Inception (2010)

And most recently, the blockbuster, Man of Steel. 

In a world of movies with distinctly average soundtracks, the composers who create music with such heart, deserve to be recognised. Bravo Hans Zimmer.

Naomi Jeffreys, The Rabbit and Reel

Risky Business Review


Words by James Rednall

As with a lot of 1980s ‘teen’  films, ‘Risky Business’, the film that launched Tom Cruises’ career, has many depths and layers that we can all relate to in some sense. Set in the North Shore area of suburban Chicago in 1983, Tom Cruise plays Joel Goodson, a high school student who at seventeen years old, is in the stage of applying to university.

However, after his wealthy parents go on a trip to visit relatives, leaving Joel home alone, his friends convince him to enjoy his freedom, let go and have fun. Joel embraces this and after listening to his friends, he embarks upon activities which include skidding into his living room dancing to “Old Time Rock And Roll” and racing his dad’s Porsche around the town. Joel then contacts Lana, a stunning call-girl, plated by Rebecca De Mornay. This decision outlines the rest of the film and creates a series of complications that put his future in jeopardy.

It is how Joel tackles the problems that he runs into that viewers can really understand and relate to, as they watch how he grows up dramatically after only a few days of his parents being away. Joel’s relationship with Lana develops into an unexpected connection as she also has problems of her own which involve her employer and turns to Joel for help.

It is perhaps not a performance that sticks out as one of Tom Cruises’ best,  but it is funny, enjoyable and entertaining, whilst also being enhanced by Rebecca De Mornay’s  Lana which adds the depth to Cruises’ Joel.

Although starting of as a more comedic and light hearted film, ‘Risky Business’ soon turns quite serious, whilst at the same time keeping to the 80s, feel good atmosphere. The mood of the film is enhanced by the electric music group Tangerine Dream, who created a score that fits perfectly within the 80s ambience and of Joel’s high school life.

We have all been at the age when we make decisions that not necessarily determine the rest of our lives, but will alter or change the course we embark upon. It is in this relation that makes Risky Business, underrated and unique, but whilst also slotting into the 80s teen genre, alongside ‘The Breakfast Club’ and ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’.

Summer Releases Part 5


In this update there are musicals, dancing based cinema, fairy tales and a Johnny Depp as a vampire! It almost sounds like the listings of children’s morning television but bear with me. Believe it or not three of these films have amazing casts that on paper would appear like a definite smash but life as we know is not so simple. I predict three of these films will do well in terms of box office success and one out of that three will actually be of any good. Take a look and judge for yourself.


Summer Releases Part 5

Rock of Ages

This is an 80s pop metal mash up of Glee and High School Musical. Prepare yourself for a HUGE fromage fest. As far as musicals go don’t expect anything like Grease, but not from the want of trying.


The only thing it has going for them it that it has an epic cast. But that doesn’t stop it being a bit of an insult to real rock and roll movies.


Step Up Revolution

So a group of very talented dancers stage random flash mob performances to say ‘we are here’. Right okay then. It is basically one massive dance video, it’s a shame the plot and the acting don’t measure up against the dance skills.


The basic story is these guys use dance to protest a rich tycoon buying up property ‘taking our jobs’ and taking ‘our way of life’ rubbish. Because we all know that if you want to stop a multimillionaire buying up land and developing it and making billions…you dance for him.


Snow White and the Huntsman

A very interesting take in the fairy tale front which seem to be very popular at this moment in time. This looks like it could be the best adaptation so far with Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and pale face from twilight.


Visually stunning and full of action, though maybe a bit predictable it looks like it will be very entertaining. A fitting epic for this summer.


Dark Shadows

Jonny Depp along with an amazing cast take on this Tim Burton Munsters meets Brady Bunch story. Kind of proof Burton’s ego out stripped his talent years ago.


Predictable ‘from a different time’ jokes, and even though I very much like Depp I am not convinced with his character, he just looks like he’s in a Halloween costume trying to sound posh.