Christmas Television – Good or Bad?

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

It is that time of year again, the Christmas television schedule. But what I want to know is,  is this television good or bad?

I, like all of you enjoy a good family film and the BBC hasn’t failed to deliver on that front this year: The Chronicles of Narnia, Cars, Shreks 1, 2 and 3 are just a few of the films which have been shown over the Christmas period. But surely, won’t families grow tired of seeing Cars for the hundredth time in a row? I understand why bosses at the BBC and other channels want to show family films because of the seasonal time of the year but soon families will be turning to their DVD players to screen films which appeal to both adults and children.

However, Christmas is also the time of year in which new Dramas, Adaptations and television series are made. The eagerly awaited Downton Abbey Christmas Special was one of the best Christmas specials I’ve seen in years, extremely feel good and which whetted the fans appetite for Series 3. The BBC screened the Eastenders Christmas special which gained the most viewing figures, clocking up 9.9 million viewers which simply shows the that the longevity of such a long running, successful British soap is what viewers really want.

The BBC screened Absolutely Fabulous which was panned by critics as being ‘not as good as it once was’ and, having viewed it myself, I was dissapointed at the decidedly depressing themes in the programme and the awful canned laughter was such a let down.

Christmas television is always looked forward too as television bosses combine the old with the new and enable audiences to become children for a few hours whilst watching Shrek or become compelled whilst watching the brilliant Great Expectations.