Summer Releases Part 4

After the last installment I thought it was a good idea to to re-instill some cinematic faith by featuring a batch titles with a few that are definitely going to make an impression for all the right reasons. Its back to the action flicks: sequels are the name of the game with a  couple of wild cards to keep things interesting. Superheros, super-villains, tough guys, vampires, spies, gunfights, mixed martial arts, a  giant lizard man and five year old with a handgun. Film makers you have our attention.

Summer Releases Part 4


Statham plays an agent out to rescue a kidnapped girl. Not the most original story conceived but Statham’s films are not known for their highly developed in depth plot lines.

(either New York is way more dangerous then I ever realised or Statham is just taking the easy cases.)

Judging by the trailer the movie consists of Jason exchanging bullets, hand to hand combat and ‘witty one liners’, the usual it is then.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire hunter

The 16th president slaughtering the spawn of Nosferatu. Judging by the trailer it doesn’t look to bad, even though it involves Tim Burton who has clearly been more miss than hit recently.

As long as it doesn’t take itself too seriously I think this film will be quite entertaining.

The Bourne Legacy

Jeremy Renner (The Town) one of my favourite actors at the moment plays the super-agent in the continuation of the series. I am a fan of the Bourne stories so I will be very interested to see the angle they pursue.

I hope it’s not just a repeat with a fresh face of talent. The cast look good and from what I can see from the trailer, the film makers have kept the feel and style of the previous instalments. Expect clever twists, breathtaking action sequences, amazing locations and a top notch performance from the star saturated cast.


The Dark Knight Rises

Words cannot do this film justice.

It will be EPIC.


The Amazing Spiderman

It doesn’t seem that long since Toby Maguire was web slinging all over New York but five years have passed and judging by the trailer this new version will be well received.

It has been said the cast and crew have distanced themselves to make sure they resemble nothing to Sam Rami’s interpretation, and after Spiderman 3 can you blame them? Expect more grit, action and excitement.