Summer Releases Part 6

If there is one good thing about the this summer’s film season it is definitely variety, this summer we are clearly spoiled for choice with the huge array of cinematic productions set to hit our local theatres. I had previously mentioned that I believed 2011 was going to be the “ugly friend” of 2012. Meaning the movies last year (but a few) were so bad that by comparison those produced this year would seem incredible. This effect has been evident by some of the releases earlier this year being received more kindly than they should have been. But it looks as though the big studios were just timing their best for the sunny months of 2012 which brings us to the sixth installment of what to expect this summer.

Summer Releases Part 6


This is the new Ridley Scott film which looks amazing, gripping and exciting. The talent of the cast on paper seems epic. I hope this will be a smash. Ridley has been associated with some of the finest films that have graced our screens and I hope his direction has led this film to the level greatness we know he is capable of.

That’s My Boy

Adam Sandler is in it, that’s reason enough not to see it. If you want another reason he talks with an annoying voice the whole way through the film. If you need another reason, it’s because he is not f***ing funny anymore.

Cabin in the Woods

This film looks like it has a great cast and action sequences which hopefully proves to be an exciting and entertaining film. Joss Whedon who also penned The Avengers and writer/director Drew Goddard team up to produce this thrilling story about five unlucky teenagers. Chris Hemsworth, Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford star in this mind blowing horror, if you think you know this story then think again.

You can expect multiple layers which will unravel to a huge climax. This will be exhilarating ride into all things terrible that uses all weapons available in the horror arsenal, which will hit out on all fronts.

The Three Stooges

While trying to save their orphanage Moe, Larry and Curly inadvertently stumble on to a murder plot and wind up on a reality TV show. From the trailer it looks like the stooges have truly had the 2012 treatment.

The Farrelly Brothers seemed to have put a lot of love into this film and stayed as true to the original as possible. This is classic slap stick and fart humour, and according to fans of the original series it is done well. Personally I don’t think they could ever match up to the original but it seems they have made a good attempt at bringing The Three Stooges into the modern times.

Summer Releases Part 3

This post enters trilogy status as the third installment is upon us. Today we will be exploring some up coming comedy/feel good films that are set to hit our screens very soon and are hoping to induce mass laughter. Judging by this batch of cinematic productions I am not sure how successful they will actually be or even funny for that matter.

Summer Releases Part 3


First impressions it’s a usual romcom, good production, everyone is attractive and clearly the school at which they attend employs a personal stylist for each student, and everything is oh so dramatic.

Teen angst, emotions, ‘true love’, hormones, look into my eyes and feel my pain, blah, blah, blah. Personally I can’t see anything of any real significance happening in this film. Its optical pollution, don’t waste your time.



Katy Perry: Part of Me

The story of Kate Perry’s life/rise to fame. It shows the ups and downs, the beginnings and when she was dropped from her label. An inspirational tale of rags to riches, some people might find it interesting but it thinks it’s one for the fans.

Expect lots of crazy colours, clips of concerts, and a familiar sound track. Apparently is has a number of 3D sequences…God only knows why.

Life Happens

Typical romcom , typical contrasting characters, the lead in a tough position, the smart arse best friend/family good looking/funny love interest. It’s a mash up of Knocked up and Friends and any other romcom. All the gang are there; the weird one, the badly dressed one, the slightly loserish one all to make the cool one seem cooler.

Then you have the obvious situation setter, in this case the lie. Funny, funny jokes are made as we the audience are in on the secret. The lie is revealed there is shock and drama, then everyone remembers it’s a romcom and makes up in a hugely cheesy ending. Well that’s all I could make out from the trailer anyway.


Interesting twist on the childhood best friend thing but then turns into a massive episode of Family Guy.

Cheap humour, predictable though it does look like it might have a few good scenes. Some good effects but can’t I help but hear Peter Griffin every time the bear talks.

Summer Releases Part 2


Here is the second installment of the titles set to grace our screens over the next of the few months. Action is the name of the game with this selection of recognisable motion pictures and though all are aiming to be a box office smash only few can claim such a title. take a look and decide for yourself which will head to box office glory.

Summer Releases Part 2

The Samaritan


By the numbers ‘just out of prison’, ‘one last job’, ‘you killed my father’ scenario with obvious twists and a weak plot. The only good thing I can see is that it stars the big man Samual L Jackson. Right actor wrong film, personally I would go and see the other one where he wears an eye patch. Unless you are a major fan of Jackson I wouldn’t waste you time.





The Avengers



This be one of the best films of the 2012. End of.




I. Cannot. Wait.








Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back in the third instalment where Smith’s character J must go back in time to save his partner K played by Jones. Here he meets a young K played by Josh Brolin, and J is set to disover there are many secrets that K didn’t tell him which will slowly reveal themselves throughout the film.



This is a science-fiction action comedy full of extra-terrestrial violence where J has to save his partner, the agency and of course the world. I am not sure if a third film in this series was the right way to go lets hope it brings something new to the table.




Wrath of the Titans




The new sequel is upon us, and I personally hope that this film is better than the original tag line of ‘Titans will clash’ …mind blowing. So a decade has passed and Sam Worthington has decided in that time to grow a titanic mullet and try to look as much like Danny McBride as is possible. He must destroy many a mythical beast that have managed to escape, which include: a General Grievous rip off, one eyed Wayne Rooney and something that resembled the female nether regions with teeth. Sounds interesting.