Review: Johnny English Reborn

Words by Edward Keeling

Rowan Atkinson stars once more as the inept MI7 agent Johnny English in this 2011 sequel in which he is handed the responsibility of stopping a group of international assassins before they kill the Chinese Premier. However it could have been better than it was. I am a huge fan of Rowan Atkinson in general, his comedic talent is undisputed from his days as Blackadder and his work as Mr Bean, but this lacked the essence of a really great film. Johnny English Reborn dealt with many cheap gags and slapstick comedy from repeated crotch kicks, many misinterpreted identities, to a ‘pimp my ride’ style wheelchair.

These parts of the film can be enjoyable in themselves if taken with a pinch of salt but it is all too predictable and similar as you may suspect to its 2003 predecessor. Furthermore as a James Bond spoof the gadgets were not developed to their full capacity, a Bond and Q style scene unfolded near the beginning but the gadgets were from then on used sparingly such as a voice activated Rolls-Royce. Nevertheless it does have its funny moments namely due to the comic genius of Rowan Atkinson who can make simplistic ideas such as a malfunctioning chair incredibly funny. Undeniably this is thus not a classic film but Johnny English Reborn is still watch able for an easy laugh.