The Oscars, Analysed, Best Original Screenplay


Now off to the Best Original Screenplay category, where again competition is rife.

The Nominees:   Michael Haneke  ‘Amour’;  John Gatins  ‘Flight’;  Quentin Tarantino  ‘Django Unchained’;  Mark Boal  ‘Zero Dark Thirty’  and  Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola  ‘Moonrise Kingdom’.

Again, quite a lineup. Quiet a great set of nominees, maybe John Gatins script for ‘Flight’ can be omitted, I liked flight but I thought it didn’t contain anything overly special, and most of the depth came from Washington’s performance.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s script of ‘The Master’ should have been there, though. ‘The Master’ got no love from the awards syndicates, and I did expect director and picture snubs, but thought it would be a contender for best original screenplay, but ‘Flight’ got that nod, to my amazement.


Who Should win: Anybody but ‘Flight’. I still don’t know who out of the four other scripts is the best, maybe ‘Amour’ or ‘Django Unchained’, but then again ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ were excellent pieces of writing as well. So really, for me, Any of the four nominees apart from ‘Flight’ are worthwhile winners.


Who Will win: Not sure about this either, but will probably be Quentin Tarantino for ‘Django Unchained’. He hasn’t won an oscar since Pulp Fiction, which is 20 years ago nearly, so the Oscars will want another appreciation of him. And It would be deserved, In my opinion. I won’t be surprised if ‘Amour’ wins though, the Oscars are loving this little French gem from Michael Haneke.

Yazen Al Samen

Flight Review


Compelling. Emotional. A towering performance from Denzel Washington. 


The opening half an hour of Robert Zemeckis’s ‘Flight’ will have you on the edge of your seat. He uses handheld camera which creates a startlingly real situation. What with numerous flight crashes which happen often, we are given an insight in to Denzel Washington’s Whip Whitaker, who pilots the faulty plane, with ease and flare.

But, there is something flawed about Whip, an alcoholic and a drug addict, it could be because of these causes, according to the official aviation authorities that ‘six souls on board’ were killed. And that’s the plot.

Zemeckis demonstrates just how to create a big budget film, with independent vibes. Whip Whitaker is damaged, but brilliant. The plane crash was the beginning of the tragic anti-heroes downfall. Zemeckis doesn’t create a sterotypical ‘alcoholic’, its gritty, real, Whitaker simply has an addictive personality.

One would think, with these heavy themes, that the film is depressing. It’s not. There are touches of comedy, particularly in one instance, after the plane crash, Whitaker is stuck in hospital and sneaks to the corridor for a sneaky smoke. Here he encounters a gallantly witty cancer patient and Kelly Reilly’s character, Nicole.


Reilly’s character however, is a little less believable than Washington’s. A heroin addict and an alcoholic, she is a little too healthy looking. But, other than that, she gives an admirable performance as the opposite kind of addict, she is what Whitaker must be.

The nod, however, must go to Denzel Washington. for his outstanding performance as Whip Whitaker, compelling, emotional, believable. He carries the film entirely on his shoulders. Whip is confusing, confused and terribly damaged. If you must see one film this week, see this.


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