The Snowman Review


Words by Naomi Jeffreys


It isn’t often that one can review a film and call it ‘perfect’. But, this is true to Raymond Brigg’s penned classic film, ‘The Snowman’.

Which charts one boy’s journey to discovering Christmas and just a little bit more; he learns of the fragility of life, death and above all, the importance of friendship.

The film, first screened on the 26th December 1982, is wordless apart from the infamous song, ‘Walking in the Air’, performed by Peter Auty, and was directed by Dianne Jackson.


There are many standout scenes, namely the Snowman having fun in the boy, James’ house. Dancing with bears, having fun with his parents clothes – and generally having Yuletide fun. And of course, the now infamous ‘Walking in the Air’ scene, which captures the magic of Christmas, its awe and the will to believe in something greater than ourselves.

With a new ‘Snowman’ on the way, can the film really out do this perfect, majestic film, which has shaped so many children’s Christmas’s? We can only anticipate.