Drive Review


Words by Kivlan Legate

This heart-pumping thriller provides the audience with a window into the life of a professional stunt driver who lends his immense talents to the Los Angeles world of crime as a getaway driver. Ryan Gosling’s unnamed, good-hearted protagonist then gets mixed up in the murky underworld of criminality and finds himself fighting for his life, and the life of those he cares for.

Gosling and co-star Carey Mulligan have a great on-screen chemistry that creates a realistic and frustrating relationship between two very complex characters; the affection showed between the two is extremely authentic and truly believable. However it is Gosling’s wide spectrum of acting in the film that stands out for me; he goes from stony-faced professional, through to an affectionate father-figure, to psychotic criminal. With a fantastic supporting cast, Drive is a showcase of brilliant performances.

The technical side of the production also plays an integral role in the quality and style of the film. First and foremost, the cinematography is absolutely stunning with many shots appearing as though crafted by professional artists. Furthermore, the soundtrack of Drive will surely be in the running for best soundtrack at the Oscars as the song choices and high-octane background music heighten the emotions and tension throughout the film.

Drive is a beautifully crafted film, every aspect contributing to a hard-hitting plot and engrossing atmosphere. The realistic performances allow the audience to root for and empathise with the likable characters, and the inclusion of shocking episodes of extreme violence means that the film constantly surprises and consistently entertains. So if you’re looking for a visually stunning film with a riveting story-line, great performances and a spectacular soundtrack, Drive is the film for you.