Note from the Editor

We live in an amazing world. We are surrounded by truly awesome and epic processes that we take for granted. From the unparalleled beauty and incredible ingenuity of nature, to the fact we are living in age where technology is rife and we can virtually act on our ideas simultaneously to their conception. Though there is still much hardness and strife in the world, we now live in a time where people who care can make difference.

If we just look at history we will see a vast plethora of remarkable occurrences that happened when simply surviving itself was an achievement. Ancient civilizations flourished and produced astonishing, baffling structures, great wars were fought, great locations discovered and great people were born who changed the world. From as early as history itself legends have been recounted throughout successive generations. For example the story of Noah and the Ark has been passed down since ancient civilisations began.

The accounts that hold extra significance are those originating from true events. The bare fact that a story is based on truth causes the actions of those involved to become more poignant. We instantly assume the position of the lead protagonist and ask ourselves if our approach would have been the same.

As you can imagine some of the best films ever produced are based on true stories. ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘Raging Bull’ are all fine examples the cinematic approach to telling their stories. There is a huge abundance of this film genre and there is not enough ink or trees in the world to provide them with the justice they deserve. This issue will be focusing on those ‘true stories’ that have been produce since the turn of the millennia. I have noticed that since then there is a large increase in the production films ‘based on true events’. I think this is regarding a number of reasons; firstly the fact that if we think that what plays out on the screen really happened then we are more inclined to believe it; secondly more people are likely to go and see the film if they think the events played out in reality originally. The problem is that a few film makers have taken the artistic license to a new level and essentially changed the real story into the formulaic crap studios churn out on a daily basis. In the next post I have chosen a handful to good and bad films in relation to how closely they honoured the truth.

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