Review: In Time

Words by Bianca Castro

Written and directed by Andrew Niccol. In Time is set somewhere in the new future where time is the currency. People stop ageing at 25 and their own countdown, in the shape of a green digital watch embedded into their forearm, begins. They have only a year to live. Time is the way to pay for everything and the way you are paid, meaning that the rich can live forever and those that are not born into ‘time’ must try to negotiate, bargain, steal and work just to live that one day longer.

The concept is brilliant, and although it has been done in different ways before, it is a theme very much relevant today. Will Salas played by Justin Timberlake is accused of the murder of a wealthy but mysterious man. To make matters worse Will decides to go on the run from the ‘time keepers’ and takes a hostage in the form of the beautiful Sylvia Weis played by Amanda Seyfried. The film is full of action, as you’d expect from an action film, and a lot of running which is understandable when you don’t have much time and you’re running from the enemy. It’s a brilliant film, a little predictable, but an exciting watch nonetheless. The questions about the differences between social classes and the rich and poor are posed, but not answered giving food for thought long after the credits have finished rolling.