Luther: Alice and Luther


*Spoiler Alert*

TV and Film are intrinsically linked, Idris Elba who plays John Luther is currently in Pacific Rimwhilst Ruth Wilson is starring in Gore Verbinski’s latest swashbuckling adventure, The Lone Ranger.

Luther, the gripping, terrifying and sensational BBC Drama which ended on the 23rd July, saw Luther waving goodbye to Mary and walking off arm in arm with psychopath Alice Morgan.


So, this is perhaps TV’s most unlikely couple to ever surface, both flawed and both with a tendency to step outside of the law, the question for the Writers and Producers of the show, is where does it go from here? There have been talks of an Alice Morgan spin off, a Luther movie or a new series.

But, in many ways, is their relationship best left at the bridge? With the characters left in an uncertain future, Alice, as we all know is a murderer, a psychopath, but, her character has changed and softened as the series has progressed as has Luther himself.

Often with TV programmes, things aren’t often left for the viewers to create there own story.

As one of TV’s most controversial, yet oddly compatible couple, it appears that writer Neil Cross has opened a Pandora’s Box, let’s hope they do the show justice.

Luther and Alice

Naomi Jeffreys, The Rabbit and Reel

Despicable Me 2 – Official Trailer #3

Despicable Me is back, with the voice talents of America’s funniest lady, Kristen Wiig joining the cast.

In an age where animated films are of such high quality, Despicable Me 2 looks set to challenge the biggest blockbusters this summer.

Despicable Me 2 is out in UK cinemas now.

Naomi Jeffreys, The Rabbit and Reel

Man of Steel – Official Trailer 3

The newest trailer for the highly anticipated ‘Man of Steel’, this trailer shows a little more of Clark Kent’s journey, his parents (played by Russell Crowe) and Amy Adams as Lois Lane makes a brief appearence near the end of the trailer.

One of the most anticipated films of the Summer.

It is out in cinemas on June 14th.

Naomi Jeffreys, Film Editor