You’ll Never Know How To Make It On Your Own

Nearly There Yet


This is a hard concept to grasp, often, as it is human nature to nurture and be nurtured. If dependence is a neccessity, then independence is a particularly difficult to understand, to contemplate, to understand and finally, to accept.

University students have the luxury of being able to learn how to make it in the big bad world in the three or four years at their chosen University, with the added extra of the social element.

They can also decide the person they want to be and who they will become. Whether it is through the societies they join, the friends they make, the people they choose to live with, the Professor’s they meet, the lessons they learn in the lecture hall, and those added ones which they learn on their own.

In a society which is deemed on the successes which you have, it is the person behind those successes…

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Over Again

Nearly There Yet

Often in our life, we are faced with struggles, problems, it is how we deal with them which makes us who are and who are going to become.

The music we listen too, the clothes we wear, the friends we have are all significant in who we are as individuals. The question is, if you could start Over Again, would you?

Life is messy and it is by believing in who you are which leads you to success and happiness.

Don’t start Over Again, continue on.

Naomi Jeffreys, Nearly There Yet Editor

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Beasts of the Southern Wild Review

Words by Yazen Al Samen

‘Beasts Of The Southern Wild’ is a feast. It has so much to absorb, understand and wonder. It creates a world so magical that you wouldn’t believe a place like that exists.

It stars Quvenzhane Wallis, a 6-year old, playing 6-year old Hushpuppy, in surely one of the best performances of the year. Hushpuppy lives with her father in a Louisiana Bayou with their little community, away from civilization.

Her mother “swam away” when she was born and Hushpuppy grows in the middle of nature, with the animals, and she believes the animals talk to her. She notices sea levels rising, and one day, a Katrina-like hurricane hits their community, and destroys it, while also releasing something that might be a bit more sinister.

Protocol means I can write little more in this review. But maybe that’s for the better. It does little to describe the film. It contains so much; it is an allegory of many things and has an environmental message.

Benh Zeitlin, first time director, has created a delicacy within the world of cinema, a film so awash with originality, with vibrant characters and provocative themes. This is one of the best film of the year. Ensure you see it.