Stuck In Love


Literature and love are often linked, as proved in last years hit, ‘Ruby Sparks’, a heart broken writer takes to his typewriter to create his perfect girl… who comes to life. Director Josh Boone has taken this structure, and applied it to ‘Stuck in Love’.

Coined as a Romantic Dramedy, it certainly is dark. There’s drugs, drink, and, well… uhuhmm, sex.

The cast is playing their parts well, Lily Collins (above), who is perhaps best known for her jazzed up portrayal of Snow White in, ‘Mirror Mirror’, well, she is no longer a nice girl, it’s bad girl all round, damaged, upset, using men for sex (shock horror). In short, a bit stereotyped, but she has a good storyline and we do feel a tad sorry for her.

Whilst Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly and Kristen Bell play their parts well, again, a tad sterotypically, but nice enough.


In a film which could have changed the Romantic genre, like ‘Ruby Sparks’ achieved last year, which was funny, touching, and brilliantly written. It’s a shame that Josh Boone doesn’t do the genre any good.


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