Tyrannosaur Review


If anyone is surprised by Olivia Coleman’s  (‘Peep Show, ‘2012’) recent success, then Tyrannosaur (Paddy Considine, 2011) is the film to banish any doubts of her acting ability.

Coleman plays Hannah, an alcoholic, domestic violence victim, who forms an unlikely bond with the deeply troubled Joseph, played by the remarkable Peter Mullan (‘War Horse’,  ‘The Fixer’). What follows is Hannah and Joseph trying to cope with their multiple demons.

For Hannah, this means reconciling her Christian faith with leaving her abusive husband, whilst Joseph appears to be unable to resist resorting to violence to solve any problems he, quite literally, stumbles upon.  Whilst undoubtedly a bleak story, writer and director Paddy Considine (‘Dead Man Shoes’, ‘Submarine’) provides a solid foundation for a film that ultimately explores the ideas of redemption and love. Can damaged members of society reform and go onto to have healthy relationships or is this out of reach for some?  A topical question, and Considine doesn’t pretend to have any answers, and some may find the film too downbeat to bear. However for those who want a stunningly well acted film that does not shy away from broaching topics that are uncomfortable, Tyrannosaur is the one.

Anna Parker

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