“F***k Films”


Jessica Hynes, writer and co creator of ‘Spaced’ won the RTS Television Award for Best Comedy Performance on the 20th March 2013.

Hynes, who is perhaps best known for her role as Daisy in ‘Spaced’ and most recently as Siobhan Sharpe in BBC Four’s ‘Twenty Twelve’, had some relevant points, but was mainly headline grabbing stuff – but, was she right to damn an industry which she is technically part of?

“I love television, I love it and everyone goes on about film,” she lamented. “They are like: ‘Films’. F**k film. F**k films. ‘Oh, I make a film, I make a film’, f**k them…Television is my f**king heart. I love it. I love it.”

Television and Film are one in the same industry, often, the same actors who started in Television move on to the Big Screen, to Blockbusters and Indie Films, to Animated Movies and Action Films. It is sometimes hard to forget where some of the biggest names in the biggest started in Television, for example, George Clooney starred in E.R as Dr Doug Ross, Johnny Depp starred in 21 Jump Street as Officer Tom Hanson.

Now, of course, Clooney and Depp are some of Hollywood’s most prized and highest paid actors in the business, but, they were just like every other actor all those years ago.

Hynes herself has starred in friend Simon Pegg’s blockbuster’s, including ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Burke and Hare’, both big in the UK, cementing Pegg as one of Hollywood’s newest exclusive members, whilst simultaneously excluding Hynes. Is her speech not an attack on the business, but her lamenting a career she has (or ever will ) have? 

We can, of course, never know, on the surface her speech seems a little bit like a drunken rant, high on a win and trying to get a few laughs.

What I will say, is that Film is often a most difficult industry, everyone knows everyone, its notoriously hard to get in to, but once you’re in, magic can happen. Film is a medium which is limitless, eternal, exciting, frustrating, infuriating, but most of all, Film is amazing.

Don’t “f***k films”, appreciate them.

Naomi Jeffreys, Film Editor

*Quote courtesy of Digital Spy Jessica Hynes’ speech

*Image courtesy of The Independent Online

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