The Awakening Press Release

The Awakening poster
The Awakening is the latest film from independent filmmaker Sib. It’s a motivational film full of inspirational images and words sending the message to the audience that you can better yourself, that your future is not written in stone and can be changed.
It’s an expressive experimental short film shot predominantly in Wolverhampton, UK. Using some fantastic visual techniques and effective and inspirational narrative. It is a short journey which is aimed at getting you thinking about everyday life a little differently.
The film is gaining some significant interest and the trailer, which is available on Youtube [link provided at the end] has just breached the 200,000 mark, which for a trailer for a short independent film is impressive.
Some of the shots that Sib was able to capture is just fantastic and the way in which it is done is truly brilliant. I can guarantee that if you were to walk through the area shown in the film you would not see it in the same way. The way in which Sib has brought out the beauty in everyday objects and landscapes is impressive to say the least.
The narration adds an extra layer to the film, with some inspiring words delivered in a way that seems to fit with what is in the shot. Some of the quotes used are truly brilliant and will get you thinking about life in a different way.
The full film will be released later this year with a date to be confirmed.
If you want to know more about this exciting new film, then you can find them in the links below;

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