Animated Films of 2013


2013 marks the return of the Animated Film, with whole host of re-releases, which include Finding Nemo 3D and Monsters University. Who says that animated films are for kids? The storylines often have a deeper meaning which adults can understand and many a private joke for us to laugh at. If University life is getting a tad stressful, watch one of these films and they are guaranteed to make you feel better.

The Animated Film Genre is led by the big giants of Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar. Perhaps best known for ‘Shrek’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Toy Story’.

But these are past films and the Rabbit Film Section prides itself on embracing the present. So we are going to give you a lowdown of the best animated films to watch this year:

‘Monsters University’ – for those of you who remember the original ‘Monsters Inc’, this prequel promises to include your favourite animated characters, with the voice talents of comedian Billy Crystal, Kelsey Grammer, Helen Mirren . Set about ten years prior to the first film, it follows Mike Wazowski and Sully as they prepare to scare for Monsters Incorporated. A film which promises to be full of laughs and with the setting in a University, its ideal for students. It’s released on 21st June.

‘The Croods’ – this fun loving animated film follows a protective Caveman father who leads his family out of his comfort zone, after an earthquake destroys their home. With the voice talents of Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone, it looks fun loving and has an impressive cast, it will be in cinemas on March 22nd.

‘Frozen’ – With the voice talents of Idina Menzel, Kirsten Bell and Johnathan Groff, this film follows a kingdom which is trapped in eternal winter, and the two protagonists must fight to save their Kingdom from the Snow Queen. Fantasy and top quality animation, it could be the surprise hit next Winter, it is set to be released November 27th.

Naomi Jeffreys, Film Editor


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