I Give It A Year

Rose Byrne (Nat) and Rafe Spall (Josh) in I GIVE IT A YEAR***

Rafe Spall and Rose Byrne lead in this distinctly British rom-com, which is full on in jokes, dry humour and Stephen Mangan on a comedy roll. In a film which has an interesting concept, with the couple already together, the films final ending isn’t as satisfying as one would hope.

The film follows Nat (Rose Byrne) and Josh (Rafe Spall) in their first year of marriage, one which we are repeatedly told from friends and family is the hardest year for most couples.

Directed by Dan Mazer (‘Bruno’) the film is textbook British humour, the dry humour, the awkward jokes – but with the added extra of two American actors, namely Simon Baker and Anna Faris. It certainly isn’t your typical rom-com date movie.

Jane Asher (Diana), Rafe Spall (Josh) and Rose Byrne (Nat) in I GIVE IT A YEAR

There are some commendable performances, Rafe Spall gives a good turn in the role of the romantic British lead, clumsy, often inappropriate, confused and trying to please everyone. Whereas Australian Rose Byrne’s British accent is convincing and believable, her character is a little hard to like, tough around the edges and rather catty. Stephen Mangan is doing his usual awkward British routine which he has become accustomed too, whilst the supporting cast rather fade in to the background.

But the best comic performance must go to Olivia Colman as the pyschiatrist, her scenes are perhaps the best thing about the film, with years of comedic timing under her belt, her delivery outshines the rest of the cast.

Although Mazer tries to do something different with a rather tired genre, there is simply something missing from this film. But, the performances from a strong cast elevate the film from merely a date night movie.

Rafe Spall (Josh) and Stephen Merchant (Danny) in I GIVE IT A YEAR

Naomi Jeffreys, Film Editor

*Pictures courtesy of Studio Canal.


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