This is the ’90s

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And so our appreciation of some of the best family films from the ’90s. All you ’90s kids pay attention, we have some classic ’90s films to remember.

Jumanji (1995) 


Starring a young Kirsten Dunst, Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt, the film follows two kids who find and play a magical board game, a man who has been trapped in the game for decades is released, and a host of dangers that can only be stopped by finishing the game. Who wasn’t scared of this film? A simple plot, with an all star cast. A ’90s classic.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (199

hunchback-550x321Directed by Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise. And stars Demi Moore, Jason Alexander and Corey Burton. A Disney classic, a film which follows an outsider keen to become part of society, set against the French backdrop, but with a decidedly American feel to the film. But, with a bit of Disney magic and some catchy Disney songs, it is a family favourite.

George of the Jungle (1997)

MSDGEOF EC015Directed by Sam Weisman and starring Leslie Mann and Brendan Fraser. George grows up raised by Apes. A modern day Mowgli. This silly yet light hearted family film. Brendan Fraser and Leslie Mann are convincing and embrace the madness of this light hearted family film.

The Secret Garden (1993) 


The film follows a young British girl born and raised in India, who loses her parents in an earthquake. She is returned to England to live at her Uncle’s castle. An interesting premise for a kids film, with the main protagonist Mary a distinctly snotty, snobby child who is hard to like. But, as she discovers the Garden and makes friends, she becomes a little more likeable. Starring Maggie Smith. 

The Iron Giant (1999)


Directed by Brad Bird and starring Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick Jr and Vin Diesel. A boy makes friends with an innocent giant robot that a paranoid government agent wants to destroy. A family film with real morals and an interesting premise. This is a true family favourite.


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