Awards Speeches

2013 Baftas

The BAFTAs were announced yesterday, and, amongst the pretty gowns and dapper suits. It was the Award speeches which were the clincher for any star, wonderful when its right (have a look at Jodie Foster’s recent speech) and cringe worthy when wrong (Anne Hathaway at last night’s said BAFTAs).

Film Awards are a necessity in the business, certain people must be recognised for their talent and flair, and actors need the recognition they so dearly crave. But their acceptance speeches are tricky to get right. Take actors speeches, on the one hand, they are only addressing their peers, they can be as luvvie as they like.

But, if the Awards are simultaneously being filmed for Joe public at home. Then they need to be humble, approachable, and human.

I’m not saying that all actors acceptance speeches are overly long, breathy and decidedly fake. Take, for example, Jodie Foster’s Golden Globe Lifetime Award Acceptance speech which was heart warming, real. She came across as a hard working actor, who was fortunate enough to be a business she loves for over forty years. Have a look some choice phrases from her speech below;


“We made movies together, and you can’t get more intimate than that…”

Check out the full speech in the link below;

Jodie Foster done good. Her lyrical, thought provoking, well deserved speech demonstrates just how to deliver a more than acceptable Awards Acceptance


Now, to Anne Hathaway, once a Princess, now a Prostitute in the Big Budget film adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel and successful musical of the same name, ‘Les Miserables’.

She won Best Supporting Actress at the BAFTAs last night has since received criticism from fans, viewers and bloggers alike, It was criticised for being lengthy, breathy, and bizarrely thanks Victor Hugo for penning the big budget film which has made her big bucks.

Check out the speech in the link below;

So, with all that said. Actors, we know you work hard on a film and love to see your performances, but please, make sure your Acceptance speeches are easy to watch.

Naomi Jeffreys, Film Editor


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