Hyde Park on Hudson Review



Bill Murray and Laura Linney star in this British biographical comedy drama film, which is directed by Roger Mitchell and stars a plethora of British and American actors, at the top of their game. Which include Oliva Colman, Samuel West and Olivia Williams.

Mitchell presents a delicate presentation of the facts of the secret relationship between Daisy (Linney, who narrates the film in a flashback) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (Murray) there is a frankness in Linney’s narration and a touching performance from the ‘Love Actually’ actor. She adds emotional weight, a realism, to the distinctly political scenes within the film. We see her looking after her aunt at the end of a long day at ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’.

Hyde Park on the Hudson

Bill Murray gives a sterling performance as the American President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, he presents a charming character, a father figure, a master of words, and above all, he begins his “special relationship” with Daisy, in a delicately handled hand job in an empty field in Roosevelt’s car.

The film is set in June 1939, when King George VI (who, at the time, was simultaneously monarch of Canada and United Kingdom) and Queen Elizabeth made a visit to the United States as the king and queen of Canada. Samuel West and Olivia Colman give brave performances as the monarchs, West gives a sterling performance in a role which is now so associated with Colin Firth.


If you’re looking for an interesting bio-pic, with glorious cinematography, elaborate costumes. At times the pacing is a little off, and Mitchell gets a little lost in the history, but the realism is there. And Linney and Murray lead the cast in a film which can quench the thirst which ‘The King’s Speech’ began.

Naomi Jeffreys, Film Editor


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