Do Sequels Ever Work?


When a film is recieved well, by critics and at the box office, as well as by the paying public, there can be a huge demand for the film to repeat that success, in a ‘Sequel’.

Of course, at the time of the original films release, the film is fresh in the audience’s minds and apart from viewing the film more than once, and trying to get as much joy from the film as possible. The question is, are sequels ever successful?


On the one hand, yes, they can be fiscally  successful. This true to a certain Pixar Animation Studios work, ‘Toy Story 2’ which was released in 1999, which far surpassed its budget of $90 million. Worldwide this animated family favourite grossed $485,015,179, which far surpassed the original film.


But, is this film the exception to a string of terrible sequels? Do the studios become complacent and try to follow the same formula of the first film and lose some of its flair and originality?

To name just a few of terrible film sequels; ‘Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights’, ‘Teen Wolf Too’, ‘Oceans Twelve’,Star Wars – Episode I – Revenge of The Phantom Menace’ there are a plethora of other sequels which were badly written, lazily edited and a general let down for excited viewers across the globe.

With 2013 set to be the year of sequels, the question is, will anybody be in the cinema to view them?


Naomi Jeffreys, Film Editor


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