Miranda – Not Such a Funny Lady?


Words by Naomi Jeffreys

Miranda Hart, the comedienne who frequents our TV sets for half an hour once a week, every Monday. She is an award winning writer, actor, producer. But with the Third Series in its third episode, the question is, has this funny lady gone too far?

What was always so good about Miranda was that she was fun. Her comedy is set in a joke shop and features visual gags, (quite often we see Miranda fall off a stool), she often talks to the camera and her episodes are simply silly.And of course, situation comedy has the inevitable canned laughter.

Miranda Hart herself has often said that she suffers from depression and loneliness. But her comedy ignores these darker times in her life and is instead concentrates on farts, nudity and many a catchphrase.

Her characters are stereotypes, Penny – her mother, the conservative ‘posh totty’ who is constantly looking for a man for Miranda, Stevie – who moans at Miranda’s lack of social prowess, Tilly – posh, irritating, annoying, not funny, who has the catchphrase, ‘bare with’. And finally, Gary – the heartthrob.


The problem is, ‘Miranda’ simply isn’t funny anymore,she has the same joke used over and over again. What was so refreshing a couple of years ago, is now overused and tired. How many times can we see a grown woman fall over until it becomes unfunny?

I do so want to like ‘Miranda’, her first two series were refreshing and funny, something to take your mind off of the depressing dramas which are about to start on the BBC, ‘Silent Witness’ begins on Thursday (help!). Can ‘Miranda’ do something new? I hope so, or I fear I will be switching channel.



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