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Words by Naomi Jeffreys

Sense, is a process which we go through in order to make some order of the world we live in.

This is true to films, in the Twenty First century, it seems that directors, producers and writers, seem to have forgotten that audiences can think. That we want to make sense of the films they put in our cinemas.

Quite often, films have a neat ending, where the lovers get together, or the villain is captured. But isn’t it much for fun for the ends not to be tied up? That way, audiences can use their imagination, they can create their own ending.

It is a very ‘Hollywood’ trait to have a happy ending, as demonstrated in the Golden Era and many animated films. But, sometimes, we don’t want their to be a happy ending.

One director who doesn’t believe in neat endings is British born director, Christopher Nolan. His films include; ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’, ‘Inception’, ‘The Prestige’, ‘Memento’ and many more.


‘Inception’ was a film which created a buzz, audiences were left wondering what happened at the end of the film. His ability to constantly ask questions, and his use of an unreliable narrator, along with a stellar cast, make for something fresh in Hollywood.

Sense – must we really make sense of films? I don’t believe we have to.


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