Moonrise Kingdom Review

Words by Oliver Morris

Moonrise Kingdom is the new film by director Wes Anderson, that Premiered this year on limited release in cinemas and, much to my hipster friend’s chargrin, I failed to see it. It sounded cory, I didn’t know who Wes Anderson was and I let it float by.

Then someone told me that Wes Anderson was the same guy who directed ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’. Now, I loved that film because it felt intensely real and completely surreal at the same time. And George Clooney. Jesus, I love that guy.

So finally I allowed myself to be persuaded to watch ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, popcorn and beer in hand.). The film was a new film experience. Set in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the sixties, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ charts the epic, Hollywood, Bonny-and-Clyde-esque love affair between two preteens.

However, every other inhabitant of this small island, with everyone from Scout Leaders, parents to the actual police force are determined to keep them apart. What results is a love story of epic proportions.

What I found truly remarkable in ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ was how committed the two main characters were to their narrative. They are kids bought up on Pulp Romance and Action Fiction, and are playing the roles of star-crossed lovers to perfection.

Also, Anderson’s aesthetic forces the view to accept they’re observing a performance. Whether it be the owl eyes of the binoculars, or constant framing, or the frankly bizarre nature of the island.

What will stick with me however, is how the adult characters are sucked into this epic romance. Their issues take a back seat, all their attention channelled into these Star-Crossed lovers. And I was drawn in to. And so will you. Go watch it.

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