Crazy, Stupid, Love Review

Words by Benjamin Pinsent


After all those films about the start of a relationship are you hankering for a film about the end of one? What if it has Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone?

This rather interesting film shows the breaking up of Carl and Emily Weaver’s Marriage. As Carl wallows in self pity and doubt he is noticed by man’s man, Jacob who tries to teach Carl in the matters of a single life. However, as Jacob falls in love himself, the relationships between all the characters get more complicated.

This comedy draws from something more subtle and adult than other Rom-Coms, which is clearly showcased through the almost farcical climax of the film. This is manly accredited to the witty script by Dan Fogelman and the realistic performances by the actors, especially a top leading performance by Carell, who gives Carl a paradoxically romantic and disillusioned feel.

There is a rather awkward and very sentimental moment at the end which does spoil the film’s flow, leaving a rather different impression than the rest of the film. But apart from that it is a funny ride through a mid-life crisis and first loves.

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