House on Haunted Hill Review


Words by Anna Parker

Looking for something different from the usual slasher horror flicks? Well you can’t go far wrong with something from the production company Hammer Horror. From ‘Dracula’ to ‘Frankenstein’ there’s something for everyone but a real gem is the original ‘House on Haunted Hill’ (William Castle, 1959).

Starring the incredible Vincent Price (‘The Raven’,’ Edward Scissorhands’) as Frederick Loren, a millionaire who throws a party for his fourth wife in his imposing mansion. The guests are offered $10,000 to come.

The catch is that they must spend the night there. That the guests are driven to the house in funeral cars is a hint of what ghostly mischief is to come. Skeletons, vats of acid and guns are waiting for the guests as they try to found out if the house is actually haunted or if this is a horrible test by Loren.

The film  turns genuinely eerie, wonderfully camp.And Price’s earnest acting means it doesn’t fall into complete comedy. The addition of the audience being addressed at the end of the film means it finishes on a decidedly chilling note.

Overall, ‘House on Haunted Hill’ is a fun way to spend Halloween and proves that Hammer Horror is as enjoyable as ever.

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