The Taken Saga Review

Words by Tom Steggall


The ‘Taken Saga’ as I shall refer to it has transformed a lot over the past four years. In 2008 ‘Taken’ earned the title of the world’s most horrific action movie. Although snubbed by critics for being unbelievable and general trash, the heart-warming tale of a father on a vigilante style mission to rescue his daughter from sex trafficking eastern European mobsters whilst killing anyone who stood in his way, won over audiences worldwide.

This instantly propelled ‘Taken’ into a cult classic as people idolised Liam Neeson’s character for his portrayal of a straight up, “I’m going to kill you damn dirty foreign criminals”, ex-CIA agent overcome with rage.

Thus, ‘Taken 2’ has been eagerly awaited by internet geeks and film buffs alike.

‘Taken 2’ or to give the film its full title, ‘Taken 2: You Can Always Depend on the Stupidity of Villains’, is the uplifting tale of Neeson’s daughter overcoming her past trauma in order to pass her driving test, but not without a few guns being let off in the middle.

All in all it is pretty much the same as its predecessor, however, this time Neeson and his wife are the victims who are kidnapped in pursuit of revenge. As you may have already foreseen the Albanian’s attempt at revenge is short lived as Neeson turns the scenario on its head and sets upon his mission to kill anyone of an ethnic origin within a 5 kilometre radius. Let the hilarity commence.

I am yet to work out whether ‘Taken 2’ is purely tongue and cheek escapism or whether it just aims to make the viewer look like a mug. I lean towards the former despite succeeding in making the first film look like a story based upon fact.

Particularly unrealistic parts include: guns with unlimited bullets; Albanian criminals all possessing the same appearance like respawning enemies in a video game, and Albanians talking amongst themselves in English. My favourite scene occurred when a Dr Evil like super baddie puts Neeson in an ‘unescapable’ situation and then leaves assuming all went according to plan, he must have felt like a right idiot afterwards.

Although easily one of the most dreadful films I have ever seen, ‘Taken 2’, for all its faults was highly enjoyable in the same way that its predecessor was. Don’t watch it in expectation of a great action movie, think of it more as a cynical, satirical comedy with masses of violence, that way I suppose you won’t be disappointed.


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