Never Let Me Go Review

Words by Max Spencer


I went to see ‘Never Let Me Go’ with an open mind, I have recently discovered Andrew Garfield (Social Network) and thought he was brilliant so I was looking forward to seeing his performance in this completely different genre of film. Keira Knightley’s performances to date have all been brilliant. So in short I was looking forward to the film.

Without saying too much, ‘Never Let Me’ Go is a story about what it truly means to be humans. That does not mean that there are aliens involved, but there are other science fiction elements that are subtly blended with complex emotions.

The story revolves around Ruth, Tommy, and Kathy, three children growing up at a school called Hailsham.

Hailsham is bizarre in many ways, but the children simply take it as it is (this can definitely be seen by Tommy’s naive mannerisms). The children eventually learn a nasty secret about themselves from a teacher. Ruth (Keira Knightley), Tommy (Andrew Garfield), and Kathy’s (Carey Mulligan) lives change forever as they suddenly learn to live their lives differently. As they grow up together, they experience sex, sadness, and love in unexpected ways.

The acting is very good from all three actors. Carey Mulligan shines as Kathy showing all her complex emotions and mannerisms perfectly. Andrew Garfield stole the show for me though, especially how he creates Tommy as this brilliantly naive character that reflects upon the world they have been brought up in.

This film definitely made me think. I left the Cinema pondering life as we know it, the film brought across many depressing implied views that I am sad to say could be argued to be true. Especially the way they use the word “completion” in the film instead of death, I feel the mitigation of this word can be linked to how the human race is so desensitised to death.

This film is beautifully sinister.


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