Bunny and the Bull Review

Words by Anna Parker


It’s fair to say that over the years the British have excelled at one thing in particular: Comedy.  One film, which especially verges on the surreal, is ‘Bunny and the Bull’, directed by Paul King, released in 2009.

Starring Edward Hogg (‘Misfits’) who is reflecting on a road trip he made with his best friend Simon Farnaby (‘The Mighty Boosh’) across Europe whilst encountering various bizarre and mind bending characters (including  The Mighty Boosh actors Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt) And ‘The IT Crowd’s’ Richard Ayoade, before tragedy leaves Hogg to give up on his girlfriend and live as a recluse unable to leave in his flat.

The strengths of the film include genuinely hilarious moments metered out with a surprisingly dark twist in the narrative. At times it seems the film could have easily been just an extended episode of ‘The Mighty Boosh’.

But King gives it depth by addressing issues such as death and mental illness; whilst channelling director Michel Gondry, with beautiful and whimsical scenes, such as a bull made entirely from clockwork.

Overall a film which manages to be funny, sad and dreamlike whilst celebrating the surrealism that British comedy does so well.

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