Cycle Cine: Day Three

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

What is it? 

For the Third Night, the University of Essex’s Arthouse Film Society will be screening ‘Down by Law’ which is directed by Jim Jarmusch and Italian Roberto Benigni. This is the Third Day of the ambitious Five Day Festival which is all powered by bicycle!

Where can I find it? 

The event is outdoors and is being screened in the Ampitheatre and can be found if you go down one flight of stairs from the SU Bar – but don’t worry if you can’t find it, there are lots of signs!

How much will it cost? 

It’s free! So if you love film and live music, head down to the Ampitheatre to view this wonderful film.

What will I need? 

As the event is outdoors, you will need to bring blankets or quilts and wrap up warm! As you will be viewing the film outside.

Why should I go? 

If you love Arthouse cinema and students who have spent many tireless hours planning this mammoth event and who are providing free food and popcorn – it is a must see event! Make sure YOU are there.

Essential Information. 

The event starts at 7:00pm tonight and can be found in the Ampitheatre, , there is lots of signage so don’t worry about not finding it! It is a unique and wonderful way to view films, from students who are passionate about cycle powered cinema! Wrap up warm!


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