“The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth”

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

“The course of true love never did run smooth” Lysander, A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

This is most certainly true to our favourite Period Drama couple, Lady Mary Crawley and her fiancee Matthew Crawley. Who are part of the ensemble cast, Downton Abbey.

They were on, then they were off again. On again, off again. But, unlike Ross and Rachel from comedy show, Friendsit didn’t take them ten years to get together. There was far more drama condensed in to two series. Two excellent series, one might add.

The Rabbit Film Section admires Period Drama, when it is done right, done properly, it can be true movie magic. Whether it is on TV or the Silver Screen, clearly there is some unfinished business with our British Heritage which we must re-live through these Period Dramas.

Perhaps, for the viewer, there is something quite decadent about watching the Aristocracy face the same battles we do. Umming and arring over the people we love, bound by duty, money problems and most importantly, family.

Downton Abbey is brilliantly played drama, with an all star cast, excellent scripts and a big budget, of up to £1 million per episode. It allows us to remember the past and to become invested in characters. It is also a ensemble cast, so no-one is more famous than the next person, it is a group effort.

But always, at its heart, are Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley, freshly married after tonight’s episode and will no doubt be blogged about for days to come. Lady Mary Crawley, who is portrayed by Michelle Dockery, in Series One was fiercely dutiful, fiercely independent and had a stiff upper lip. But, she became softened, more caring as the episodes went on as she developed feelings for Matthew.

Matthew Crawley portrayed by Dan Stevens, the heir who no-one wanted, the work a day Lawyer, forced in to Aristocracy against his will.

They are opposites, and they are glorious to watch, as they are real people. One can name a number of couples who are opposites, but have a deep love for each other. These are characters we can invest in, characters we care about because we have seen them change.

Fans will revel in seeing this couple on television, they can all breathe a sigh of relief. “Finally!” they’ll say.

Downton Abbey continues next Sunday from 9:00pm in the UK.


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