One To Watch – Rosamund Pike

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

You’ve probably, most definitely already heard of this actor, Rosamund Pike. Bond Girl, Austen Girl, ’60s Girl and many other film adventures.

She is the archetypal English Rose, which is probably why she was cast in Joe Wright big budget adaptation of Pride and Prejudice in 2005. This was one of this films which cemented her as one of Brtain’s favourite actors. Her portrayal of the eldest Bennett, Jane,  was simple, likeable and at times, restrained.

She is a diverse actor who has always been in big budget films, she was the frosty as Miranda Frost in James Bond action thriller, Die Another Day. 

And embraced the glamorous, ditsy ’60s woman,  as Helen in the critically acclaimed film,  An Education. 

And finally could play the love interest in British parody comedy, Johnny English Reborn.

Keep an eye out for this actor, she is hardly ever off our screens. Her next endeavour will be in the big budget, American fantasy film, Wrath of the Titans which is due for release around March 2012.


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