Untouchable Review

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

This is one of those films which can make you laugh so hard, cry so much and feel refreshed afterwards. It is a beautiful story of friendship, love, change and is based on true events.

This film’s synopsis, according to IMDB is: ‘A rich quadriplegic, living in a mansion in Paris, requires a live-in carer. A young offender turns up for an interview, but he is not really looking to get the job. However, to his surprise, he is hired. The two men then develop a close friendship.’

This is a clever film, clever from the off. It begins as we see two unknown friends driving a car, at the dead of night, we don’t know where they’re going and we are sort of certain they the characters don’t know either. The cinematography is smooth, tracking shots, close ups and real pace is established at the beginning.

Ludovico Einaudi is the genius behind the thought provoking music, his reflective scores are perfect for this reflective film. And used in the beginning of the film, it sets up a pace, a style and an idea, which is evidently spearheaded by the films directors and writers, Oliver Nakache and Eric Toledano.

This is an Indie Film to the core, Driss who is portrayed by Omar Sy (best known for his French comedy duo, Omar et Fred) is a French youth, cheeky, damaged and living in the banlieues, French council estates. He is at the heart of the film, treating Phillipe who is portrayed by Francois Cluzet, as an equal. There is no pity, no tip-toeing around each other. Just laughs and two people from very different worlds colliding and becoming firm friends.

In France, this film was a box office smash in 2011. With a budget of €9,500,000, it grossed $362.5 million.

Omar Sy won the coveted Cesar Award (which is the American equivalent of the Oscars) for Best Actor,  for his portrayal of Driss. Well deserved, as his charm, cheekiness and heart are at the centre of the film.

The Rabbit Film urges you to see this film, full of surprises, laughs, character studies and at its centre, to very different human beings, finding friendship in laughter, talking and art.

Untouchable is out in UK cinemas from 21st September.


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