One to Watch – George MacKay

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

George MacKay, a British actor who is about to star as Tommo Peaceful in the film adaptation of Private Peaceful, this is his first starring role and should be the beginning of his silver screen career.

MacKay has always been a part of the acting world, at the age of five, ‘he produced, directed and created his very own production of the play Peter and the Wolfwith his friends playing the characters.’

In 2002 he was spotted by an acting scout at school and was asked to audition for director P.J Hogan’s 2003 adaptation of Peter Pan and quickly won the part of one of the Lost Boys,  Curly. From 2005 onwards MacKay was given roles in television dramas, such as The Thief Lord and the lead of the three part drama series Johnny and the Bomb.

In 2008 he was cast as Aron in the film Defiance and in 2009 he was in The Boys are Back.

But it is 2012 where he will come to the forefront of British actors. Having won the role of Tommo in Private Peaceful, he can finally show that he can be a strong male lead. Keep an eye out for this actor, as this is just the inception of his career.


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