One to Watch – Omar Sy

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

“I hope without believing” is the actor’s motto, which allows him to never feel disappointed. ”  Enter, Omar Sy, a Senagalise born French actor who catapulted to fame in the beautiful film Untouchable or The Intouchables. 

Omar Sy portrays the tough, yet endearing Driss who through caring for Phillipe, a quadraplagic, about life, love and friendship. He carries the film with such ease, such passion and with so much laughter that he captured the hearts of  French audiences and soon to be audiences around the world.

He was also the first black actor to win the prestigious Cesar award for his role as Driss. Clearly this actor knows what he is doing in front of the camera and his friendship with Phillipe is endearing, heart warming and belly achingly funny. His quick wit and excellent comic timing makes Omar Sy one of the best film actors around.

He told the Daily Beast: “When I was young, a lot of things were closed off to me. I was always told, don’t do this, you can’t do that—instead of stopping me, it made me think, I can do that, I must do that,” he said. “People only look at you and say you are black and you are from the banlieue and all the doors are closed. I had the desire to be something else. If I see a door that is a little open, I will find a way to get through.”


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