The Audience. You.

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

Although a films success is based upon statistics, timing, cast, the director and a whole host of other people behind the scenes, who  seemingly make the film a box office smash, or a screen success with critics. But, there’s someone else who is often forgotten. You, the audience.

It is sometimes forgotten, when a film is released, and is an instant success, who indeed, makes it a success. Who pays to see the film, to see their favourite actors, directors and producers. We are more clever than Hollywood producers would believe. We know what is good and what is terrible. If it wasn’t for the money which the general public pay, there is no way that Hollywood producers would be able to break even or make a profit.

If you’ve been to your local cinema recently and your waiting for the film to start, and the typical Orange adverts roll, and trailers for upcoming films. However, most recently, we have been treated to short interviews with the viewer, after they have viewed the film and their opinions on it. Entirely right, and entirely valid. We have as much right to a view on a film as anyone else.

However, I do understand the effort that it takes to make a film. The hard work, the graft. Particularly in Independent films, most recently, the American drama comedy, Friends With Kids, which received funding from various places, but had a reasonable budget of $10 million and was received well.

If it weren’t for the visions of Scorcese, Lean, Eastwood, Ephron and many other directors, then the film genre would be very different. But, don’t discount the impact which you have on the film industry, our likes, dislikes and ultimately, our money, determines whether a film is successful. You are just as important as a Hollywood star.






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