Summer Releases Part 3

This post enters trilogy status as the third installment is upon us. Today we will be exploring some up coming comedy/feel good films that are set to hit our screens very soon and are hoping to induce mass laughter. Judging by this batch of cinematic productions I am not sure how successful they will actually be or even funny for that matter.

Summer Releases Part 3


First impressions it’s a usual romcom, good production, everyone is attractive and clearly the school at which they attend employs a personal stylist for each student, and everything is oh so dramatic.

Teen angst, emotions, ‘true love’, hormones, look into my eyes and feel my pain, blah, blah, blah. Personally I can’t see anything of any real significance happening in this film. Its optical pollution, don’t waste your time.



Katy Perry: Part of Me

The story of Kate Perry’s life/rise to fame. It shows the ups and downs, the beginnings and when she was dropped from her label. An inspirational tale of rags to riches, some people might find it interesting but it thinks it’s one for the fans.

Expect lots of crazy colours, clips of concerts, and a familiar sound track. Apparently is has a number of 3D sequences…God only knows why.

Life Happens

Typical romcom , typical contrasting characters, the lead in a tough position, the smart arse best friend/family good looking/funny love interest. It’s a mash up of Knocked up and Friends and any other romcom. All the gang are there; the weird one, the badly dressed one, the slightly loserish one all to make the cool one seem cooler.

Then you have the obvious situation setter, in this case the lie. Funny, funny jokes are made as we the audience are in on the secret. The lie is revealed there is shock and drama, then everyone remembers it’s a romcom and makes up in a hugely cheesy ending. Well that’s all I could make out from the trailer anyway.


Interesting twist on the childhood best friend thing but then turns into a massive episode of Family Guy.

Cheap humour, predictable though it does look like it might have a few good scenes. Some good effects but can’t I help but hear Peter Griffin every time the bear talks.


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