Summer Releases Part 1


The summer time is almost here: it brings with it sun, bbqs, out door fun and well, exams. We can’t have it all can we! But we can have a mass of summer time movies that some of us have been waiting a very long time for. With over 40 films set to illuminate our screens it is important not to waste you well earned money on those titles which can be classified as crimes against humanity. Over the next few weeks I will be presenting all the forth coming titles so you know what to expect, look forward to and to steer clear of. Enjoy film fans.


Summer Films 2012 Part 1


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the traveling assassin in 2042 working for the mob; killing criminals in the past so they do not become problems in the future.

He has no problem with the job he has until one day the target he is presented he recognises as his future self. This looks like a top notch science fiction thriller with well-choreographed gunfights and hand to hand combat. It has a futuristic yet realistic feel to it.


Total Recall

Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel play the protagonists and Kate Beckinsale and Bryan Cranston play the antagonists in another massive sci – fi title to hit the screens this summer. In a dystopian future of 2084 Euroamerica and New Shanghai fight for political power. Farrell’s character soon starts to believe he is a spy but is not sure which side he is on. Looking at the trailer: the cast, set, effects, and action all seem of the highest production value (it should be with a budget of $200 mil), It looks super slick and futuristic.


This film is NOT a remake of the 90s Arnie version even though they share the same name but rather based on the same novel that inspired the original film. The 90s version was only loosely based on the novel “We Can Remember it for You Wholesale” and this new version is supposed to be more true to the original story. This means we are in for more action packed, intriguing but a less fantastic picture.



Peter Berg produces and directs this epic scaled action flick which unfolds across land, air and sea. Inspired by the classic Hasbro game it seems after the success of the Transformers franchise the toy to film concept it was only a matter of time.


Taylor Kitsch starts with a well-known cast hope to thrill and deliver an entertaining smash. The effects look top class and you can see the influence from Transformers in the detail and design of the alien technology and weaponry. Let’s hope it doesn’t inherit the horrific plot holes Its Hasbro cousin suffered with.


Chernobyl Diaries

A group of explorers encounter some alarming moments while exploring a town close to the nulclear disaster. Oren Pelt with titles such as Paranormal Activity, Saw, Insidious is on board with this film as a writer/producer so it has some pedigree. It is being directed by first timer Brad Parker who seems to have delivered us a bag of familiar elements and camera tricks to make us jump.


It’s the old ‘zombie type creatures’ preying on a ‘small group of humans’ routine. Think the Hills Have Eyes but with Eastern European evolved flesh eaters. From the trailer it looks like a typical one by one gotcha film until the two most popular/coolest/nicest humans are left and escape…let’s hope it’s better than that.


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