What is our fascination with Film?

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

What is our fascination with Film? A rather ambiguous question, I know, but it is still a valid question. Film has developed and grown from its infancy in silent films, to the Golden Age, the Independent Age, the Blockbuster Revolution and finally, modern day cinema. Human beings long for escape from the trials and tribulations of life, of reality, and entertainment, such as music, reading and film are all mediums in order for us to forget our troubles for an hour or two.

From its humble beginnings, film has developed in to a Hollywood phenomenon, a huge cash cow for studios, such as Warner Brothers and 2oth Century Fox. Actors have formed entire careers simply from films.

What is more, audiences can see their hopes and dreams realised on screen, whether that be romance, career ambitions, or just the simple thrill of suspending our disbelief and being completely immersed in an entirely different universe. The most recent dystopian thriller which has done extremely well in the box office and has been raved by critcs across the world is The Hunger Games. 

‘The Hunger Games has earned $302,450,722 in North America, as of April 8, 2012, and an estimated $157,100,000 in other countries, as of April 8, 2012, for a worldwide total of $459,550,722. It made the largest worldwide opening weekend for a movie not released during the summer or the holiday period, earning $211.8 million…’

Actors are a central part of films, often, audiences see films because of the ‘name’, these are known as ‘pre-paid’ audiences. But, films are a huge industry, with many behind the scenes professionals who can really make a fantastic film. Cinematography, Mise-en-scene and Sound are just a few of the other elements which are combined to make a truly great film.

Either way, film is brilliant, audiences can escape in to a cinema, if only for an hour, in to a romance, or a drama and emerge, refreshed, envigorated.


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