One Night – Episode Two Review

Words by Naomi Jeffreys

Here we are again. Night two. This time we’re following Rochelle’s story. And boy does it deliver.

In this, the second episode, we follow Rochelle, a straight A student whose one event of her friend dropping her packet of crisps ends up in her being suspended. You’d think this would be all, but no no no, the writer, Paul Smith, has woven in love, London gangs, the prospect of a bright future lost, all in one hour.

I felt a sense of glee whenever scenes were interwoven, such as the guests arriving at Ned’s House in the red people carrier. Last episode, we didn’t know the significance of this event in the overall shocking ending. Or, when we first meet Rochelle, when she drops her packet of crisps and Ned is ‘abused’, little do we know that her friend knocked the packet of crisps from her hand. It is utter brilliance.

What I also noticed in this episode was the stark contrast between the past and the future. Again, the lighting has come up trumps. In the police scenes, the lighting and colour palate  is cold, blues and grey. There the sense of the professional. Whereas, in contrast, the ‘One night’ day scenes are bright, searing sunlight.

Despite a few clunky moments in the script. This episode was insightful for audiences, we learned that Rochelle wasn’t as bad as Ned believed her to be, she ‘kept her head down’ and was expected to go to Oxford. She has a secret love with a rival gang member. Her character is complex, fleshed out, real.

Furthermore, what I didn’t notice last episode was the fact that Paul Smith intoduces the next character at the end of each episode. Like a runner in a relay running just before their team mate gets to them. In this last segment, we hear from Carol (Jessica Hynes), Rochelle’s mum and ‘her day’, ‘her dream’. Smith tantilises his audiences, teases us in to watching the next episode to find out what Carol’s side of the story is.

Two words, Watch. This.

One Night is on tomorrow night on BBC One, at the later time of 10:45 – 11:45pm


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